A game about flying in infinite procedural generated city.

Music by Ashley Thorpe (The Soundsmith)

Fly with mouse. Collect red clusters to get coins and speed, green checkpoints for time limit extension and coin multiplier. Coins can be used for upgrades. Space/Esc pauses the game, Space/Mouse click unpauses.

Shift+N resets your progress completely - both cash and upgrades.

Source can be found at https://github.com/baturinsky/glide

Known bugs:

  • Sometimes clusters are not collected or collected twice.
  • Sometimes checkpoints are not visible. You still see the arrow pointing to it and can collect it.
  • Because of WebGL working inconsistently in browsers, in some cases WebGL fail to start, or whole screen turns blue (known to happen in Firefox under Mac) and you are informed that you crash as soon as game starts. Using different browser (Chrome) or just restarting browser usually helps.

Not quite bugs:

  • Some times you collide with something you do not see - it may seem to be the bug, but actually it's more likely you was hit by some moving object, such as a car in lane or vertically moving building.
  • Space around checkpoints is cleared from all other objects, which can look weird with moving objects. Consider it a space-time anomaly:)


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