Life simulator with emphasis of simulating learning, communicating and creativity.

It simulates NPCs being born, living and eventually dying, gaining skills and advancing careers, meeting each other and learning from each other. And, sometimes, creating something that can be called a "Heritage" - a great work that will stay forever and can be used by NPCs to learn, or even find someone with common interest in it.

There is not much interactivity yet. All you can now is browse the current state of society, including it's people and heritage, and advance time by 1 or 10 years to see what happen next.

In future versions simulation will be much more diverse and detailed, and you will be able to take control of some NPCs. If you have ideas what to focus on and how to do it, your welcome to comment.

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This is a very cool simulation, I like your concepts model at

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Ah here's a fun way to interact with it, scroll to the bottom, find a 1-year-old and select them, then advance the game 1 year at a time. Tooltips on the emoji would be brilliant if that's possible with the technology you're using. Do new people have parents?

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Lola Wall became a Policewoman at 7 but then also a Criminal at 18 :( a tragedy!

Police and Criminal have overlapping skills, so it's pretty commo for people to drift from one to enother:)

There are no parents, people just pop out of nowhere:) THough, it's planned as well as tooltips.